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About the personal information handling (privacy policy)

Purpose of the collection of the personal information

With a questionnaire, the application form, I collect necessary personal information for the answer to the visitor that an inquiry is hoped for to us. We use it in the accomplishment of duties within the use purpose that showed personal information in the case of the acquisition as far as it is necessary.

1. About the acquisition, the use of the personal information and an offer

I take necessary and appropriate safety management measures and act for the improvement that PrivatePower RG sends forth a leak, loss of the personal information of the visitor again and prevents loss. In addition, I perform necessary and appropriate supervision so that safety management of the personal information is planned on letting an employee handle personal information.

2. Appropriate protection of the personal information

I will act for protection of the personal information by our performing the appropriate measures about the prevention such as the maintenance of official regulations in the company and the office regime, the education of the employee and loss, destruction, manipulation of injustice access and the personal information to personal information and a leak to deal with the personal information of the visitor appropriately, and continuing the again review, and planning it.

About the change of the agreement

I may revise a privacy policy to cope with the change of laws and ordinances or other models again to plan protection of the personal information of the visitor in us. When a revision is carried out, I will tell you at the homepage top.

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